Monday, May 25, 2009

A country wedding

My kane and I would love to have a country wedding which would seem odd to most as we live in Hawaii. I think the dewy green backdrop would be perfect for bright pigments and flowers galore. The countryside has an old-fashioned romantic to it that draws me. The beautiful wildflowers and the luxurious expanses of pasture with large nuturing trees.

photo by James Rubio

There is one such local photographer that has caught my eye with his beautiful country photographs. James Rubio. He is an awesome photographer based out of Big Island, HI. I had wanted to have him do our engagement pictures but am not sure if we can make it over there before the wedding now..

Check James out on or at his fabulous blog here. Enjoi.

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  1. His picture are so colorful. I think a country wedding would be lovely, we're all country girls at heart :)