Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ringing in our engagement

A Wahine and Kane are headed down the aisle come this October. We have been dating nine months as of this May. It seems that the amount of time it takes to create the miracle of a baby is also enough time to create the miracle of the love of your life.

We settled on a classic six prong "Tiffany style" round brilliant diamond engagement ring after much contemplation. I had originally wanted a ring with a blue sapphire center surrounded by small diamonds. I thought my birthstone gemstone would add a personal touch.

Here is one such ring I had in mind. I found it on the most fabulous website ever for one of a kind creations. The seller Eidel Precious has a great jewelry shop with sensational gemstone jewelry. This ring was listed at $1,200 for a 1.8 ct sapphire surrounded by pave diamonds set in 14k white gold.

Ironic as it is, my Kane was the one to convince me that diamonds sparkle so much brighter than sapphire. So I started dreaming of beautiful diamonds.

The first ring I ever tried on was at the mall and it was diamond solitaire from Zales. I decided that because I had long thin fingers I would need at least a .5 carat diamond ring to look proportionate on my hand. As soon as I tried it on I was bedazzled.

Being deal seekers we searched the internet for something dazzling but affordable. Unfortunately what I thought looked good on a computer screen didn't look the same on my finger. Ring shopping was fun but exhausting after a few shops. I think more so for my Kane than for myself.

One day I was at work and I found an advertisement in MidWeek for Bidding Advantage. It is a new online auction site backed by The Honolulu Star Bulletin newspaper. One of the auctions was for a ROUND BRILLIANT DIAMOND. The starting bid was less than half the value of the diamond. I knew in an instant this was the diamond I was going to get for myself. I figured it couldn't have the much publicity yet so my odds of winning were high. As it was, we ended up being the only bidder on the auction. And a week later we picked up the diamond ring at Honolulu Trading Company!


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