Monday, June 1, 2009


I struck gold today when I found Cakelava's blog. Cakelava is a cake studio in Kailua, HI that is run by a husband and wife team. Rick and Sasha Reichart. They are known locally as well as nationally for their fantastic specialized cakes! They opened their kailua store in 2004.

Why cakelava? According to their website, "Rick chose the name cakelava because he wanted a name and concept that was based on something Hawaiian, something very beautiful, and organic at the same time, something that expressed his love of art without restrictions, but not so elusive that people wouldn’t understand the reference."

Their cakes can come in up to 17 different flavors!

My favorite:
Chunky pineapple cake layers with fresh bananas, mango curd, coconut cream, and shredded coconut. Previously available as a Flavor of the Month only and back by popular demand.
mmm~! Sounds delicious.

Check out their awesome cakes at their blog here~!


  1. I love the white leaf decoration on the green cake and Hawaii 5-0 sounds delicious!!!

  2. I agree it is so striking...and hawaiian!

  3. Mahalo for the shout-out, Miss Carmella!