Sunday, June 28, 2009

A treetop reception in Aotearoa

Recently my Kane and I were looking through a book of amazing tree houses architects have designed all over the world. He then showed me a little wonder in Aotearoa. The Yellow Tree house restaurant designed by Pacific Environment Architects in collaboration with Yellow Pages.

It is a childhood dream of living in an enchanted forest. It's organic shape is similar to a spiral seashell, a butterfly cocoon or even an onion!

Unfortunately no reservations are being taken at the moment but around 2,000 people have had a chance to visit it. It is being taken into consideration now to re-open it to the public.

A perfect venue for small intimate weddings! It seats 18 people in the tree house with the catering facilities and restrooms at ground level. It is just south of Honey Centre in Wartworth.

A 60 meter wooden walkway weaves above the forest floor to the restaurant.

View for ongoing updates, blog, video and still footage with live web cam images.
Visit for more information about the architects.

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